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Ecuador is straddling the equator on the north western coast of South America.
It borders Colombia to the north, and shares a border with Peru to the south and the east. The Pacific Ocean is continental Ecuador’s western border.
Located 970 kilometres from the mainland, the Galapagos Islands are part of Ecuador territory.
Ecuador is a small country with very different landscapes.
The wide variety of landscapes, the richness of its natural resources, its unique folklore and the kindness of its people make it a unique and attractive country for travelers.
Ecuador is the clearest interpretation of what can be biodiversity:
A surprising cocktail of flora, fauna, ethnicity, language (over 10 languages and dialects spoken in the country)
An incredible ethnic diversity: throughout history, descendants of the Incas, Africans, Europeans and Asians were mixed in this small territory and have contributed different traditions and customs.
A breakdown of the population could be as follows:
40% in the Cordillera (Sierra)
50% in the Pacific
10% in the Amazon (Orient)
The Quichua indigenous nationality is the most important.
It is a unique place that can not be found under other latitudes, Ecuador has four natural regions well defined:
The Andes
Amazon Basin
Pacific coast



 Country Facts : 


















275 830 km ²
13.8 million
Main Cities:
Guayaquil: 2.5 million
Quito: 1.8 million
Cuenca: 330,000
Santo Domingo: 305,000 inhabitants
Machala: 241,000 inhabitants
Castilian is the official language unemployment numerous dialects spoken by indigenous communities such as the Quichua, Shuar, the Huaorani, Cofan and Siona Secoya.
Official currency:
Is the U.S. dollar since 2000.
It is difficult to change euros, take with you dollars directly!
We recommend carrying small notes (5, 10 or 20 dollars). Avoid carrying 50 and 100 Usd bills. There are ATMs in most cities. The amount that can be drawn is limited. Beware, if you want to pay a trip to the Galapagos, it will be difficult to get all the cash and the cost of credit card payment is 8%!
Notify your bank that you are traveling to Ecuador.
This country is considered sensitive at monetary level, your credit card will be limited or blocked if you do not notify your bank, as a precaution.
To call Ecuador from other country (Spain for exemple), you need to put the corresponding number of the 00593 +
To call Spain from Ecuador, you need to put the 0034 + corresponding number (without the 0)
The cellular network coverage is good
Official Time:
GMT - 5 (GMT Galapagos - 6), ie 6 or 7 hours less than in France
110 V - American outlets
Mariscal Sucre in Quito and Guayaquil Simon Bolivar
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