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Nature and Tradition 11 days
Culture /Discover - Offer 2190 $
Chimborazo, Mountaineering in Ecuador 15 days
Trekking / High Mountain - Offer 2690 $

Organized Trips ....


Do you like to take an already organized trip? How to maximize the day and let you go with a perfect organization?Equateur Voyages Passion offers you a tour in Ecuador with his guide since arriving in Quito or Guayaquil.
Join our already organized groups (Shared Tour with fixed dates), to obtain a reduced price of the circuit based on several people or request an individual circuit (PREMIUM) if you want to discover Ecuador exclusively with your couple, friends or family.


Discount on selected dates ((Formula Shared Tour with fixed dates). See Departures and Offers ..

If there are only 2 people and want to take a shared tour on fixed dates to find more people and reduce the cost of the tour, we will post the date on our website. While more time we have, more likely you will find more travelers !!!
So please let us know if you are interested in that option !!! Without commitment, of course ...

2 Possible formulas:

Formula PREMIUM, exclusive tour for people who want a stay adapted to their desires, a discovery tailored to their wishes and more flexible ...
Ideal for families with children or group of friends looking to optimize their visiting days taking advantage of the maximum transport and guide.

Shared tour on fixed dates (with logistics from our agency)
In this formula, when we will have confirmed participants on a certain date, we will publish the departure date on our website to promote the stay and thus be able to make a larger group with better prices. This does not alter the quality of the service and will allow you to meet more travelers and reduce the price of the tour.


Culture /Discover


Ecuador has 4 regions totally different with regard to geographical, biological and humans attractives..
The wide variety of landscapes, the richness of its natural resources, its unique folklore and the kindness of its people make this a unique and attractive country for the traveler
Let yourself go in a stay full of meetings and wonderful landscapes.


By the trails
10 days


From 820$

10 days tour by local bus accompanied with your guide to melt into local life over the beat of...

Land of Contrasts
13 days


From 1410$

OFFER !!! Discount on selected dates (Formula Shared Tour with fixed dates). See Departures and...

From the Andes to the Amazon
14 days


From 1390$

OFFER !!! Discount on selected dates (Formula Shared Tour with fixed dates). See Departures and...

15 days


After you have enjoyed the happiest day of your lives, you want to change your horizons to continue...

Nature and Tradition
11 days


From 1490$

Meetings with the population and discovering of the Ecuadorian wildlife, for 11 days, for the...

Trekking / High Mountain

Does walking is your passion?
Come and discover with us Ecuador let yourself be carried away by the paths.
Ecuador is an ideal country for hiking, in autonomy, you will travel with tents, food, and accompanied by our team: mountain guide, cook, muleteers ...
The trekking or itinerant walk will take you to exceptional sites, follow the footsteps of the Incas in the old paths of Chasquis

Since October 4th, 2017, GRAND REOPENING OF THE COTOPAXI SUMMIT (5897 meters alt).

Come and enjoy this great climbing again !!!

What other country is better than Ecuador for mountaineering?
Most of the mountains and volcanoes of Ecuador are easily accessible by 4X4. Magnificent ascents are made without long weeks of acclimatization as needed elsewhere.
¡¡¡Come to the mountains, several 6000m peaks are waiting for you!!

Cotopaxi, Climbing in the middle of the World
8 days


From 920$

OFFER !!! Discount on selected dates (Formula Shared Tour with fixed dates). See Departures and...

Trekking across the Andes
12 days


From 1390$

OFFER !! 10% discount on the sale price if the purchase is for the Month of December This is a...

Chimborazo, Mountaineering in Ecuador
15 days


From 1690$

OFFER !!! Discount on selected dates (Formula Shared Tour with fixed dates). See Departures and...

Nature / Birdwatching


Ecuador is one of the 17 mega diverse countries with more than 70% of plant and animal species in the world.
A few numbers:
10% of the plant species on the planet, nearly 25 000 species of trees and plants
11% of terrestrial vertebrates species in the world
130 species of hummingbirds
Second country in the world regarding the variety of birds: about 1700 (18% of the global total)
In Galapagos Islands, 660 endemic species live peacefully, for delight of photographers and animal lovers
Biodiversity is immense, discover this paradise for ornithologists and photographers!

El Choco
10 days


From 1947$

Rich topography and a great variety of climates characteristic to this region of the world ended up...

Adventure / Multisport

Ecuador is an ideal destination for a stay of adventure.
Land still wild and authentic, this country has an Amazon jungle with primary forests, endless rivers and unique biodiversity, the mountains of the Andes and its volcanoes still active even hide many secrets and legends ...
The adventure lovers, on foot, by bike, on horseback will be amazed by all the attractions that this country has.
Come discover Ecuador differently, away from the tourist circuits.
Review our multisport trip.
Combining  the good balance between efforts and opening mind, this circuit allows you to take advantage of the essence of Ecuador.

Ecuador in a different way
12 days


From 1390$

OFFER: 10% discount on the sale price if the purchase is for the Month of December This program...

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